About NDI Group A/S

NDI Group A/S was founded in Denmark in 1970 by Benny Kristensen and have since grown to be one of Europa’s largest players in the tire and wheels market. As one of the largest wholesale companies in the tire industry, NDI Group A/S is able to supply the costumer with a full product range of tires, rims and wheels. The product portfolio covers all qualities from premium to budget and from the smallest 3” to the biggest 54”. NDI Group A/S has more than 40 years of experience in producing rims and dual wheels at NDI Group A/S´s headquarters in Brørup, Denmark.

About AP+ Dual Wheels 

AP+ Dual Wheels is a resounding success - not only in Denmark, but also in all European countries.

Today NDI Group A/S is among the leading suppliers of dual wheels in Europe. At NDI Group A/S, The AP+ Dual Wheels is tailored made to the individual needs and preferences of farmers and produced in the company's own fully modernized forge. We take great pride in supplying top-quality products and constantly strive to understand the needs of our customers in order to improve customer service. At NDI Group A/S we not only produce tailor made wheels, the costumer also have the opportunity to get their wheels mounted with any tire of their choice and delivered within 10-12 days after order is receipt.

NDI Group A/S is Denmark's largest importer of industrial tires and the leading supplier of a complete range of wheel solutions that meet the day-to-day challenges of modern industry.