Valid for products supplied by

NDI Group A/S, Merkurvej 7, DK-6650 Brørup, CVR-number 81203113 – hereafter referred to as NDI.


Guarantee Terms and Conditions

As tyres and inner tubes can be subjected to unusual wear and tear and/or heavy utilization, a kilometre-based or similar form of guarantee is not possible. Tyres and inner tubes that are deemed to be defective may be returned postage- paid to NDI together with relevant information required. If an examination reveals manufacturing or material defects, compensation will be made, including any freight costs incurred, in an amount calculated according to the degree of utilisazation, and otherwise in accordance with the Sale of Goods Act currently in effect (provided that not more than 6 years from the date of manufacture, or 5 years from date of purchase have elapsed for the item in question.)


Product Liability

Compensation for any personal injury or damage sustained to consumer property is provided in accordance with the Consumer Property Act. NDI can only be held liable for damage to fixed dwellings or moveable assets if it can be proven that such damage was caused by an error or omission on the part of NDI. NDI cannot be held responsible for operating losses, loss of earnings, or other indirect losses. In the case of third party involvement, should it be found that product liability rests with NDI, the buyer shall be obligated to meet that responsibility to the same extent, as NDI´s liability remains limited to that mentioned above. Should a third party submit a claim for compensation under this clause to one of the parties involved, that party must notify the other immediately. NDI and the buyer are equally liable to be prosecuted in court or a Court of Arbitration, handling a compensation claim made against one of the parties for damage alleged to have occurred due to the product or performance of said product.


Return and Exchange of Goods

The return and exchange of goods can only take place by prior agreement with NDI. Should the purchaser wish to return a correctly-delivered product, this must be done within 30 days of date of delivery and the following charges will be deducted from the original net invoiced price:

• Undamaged unmounted tyres and steel rims 10%.

• Undamaged unmounted aluminium alloy rims and batteries in original unopened packaging 10%.

• Undamaged cleaned tyres and steel rims assembled into complete wheels (unmounted) 20%.

• Tyres, rims and assembled wheels which have been mounted on vehicles cannot be returned.

• Aluminium alloy rims and batteries without packaging or in damaged packaging cannot be returned.

• Lacquered or custom-made agricultural wheels and twin wheels cannot be returned.

• Products purchased more than 30 days previously are not returnable.


Non-Delivery or Damage:

If notification of non-delivery, or notification that goods have been received in damaged condition, is not received within latest 8 days of delivery, it will be presumed that the goods have been delivered according to the order placed and in satisfactory condition.

If an item is delivered in a visibly damaged condition, this must be noted on the transportation papers that accompany the item, especially in the case where transportation is carried out by a third party- a haulage firm or postal service- where it must be noted on the waybill upon receipt of the item.


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